The Mail heralded the club’s first premiership 62 years ago as a “dazzling pennant win”, dedicating five pages to the Bulldogs’ success.

The paper declared that the team was “never extended” in its match against Melbourne, and secured the flag with a “smooth-working team display”.

“Jumping into their stride soon after the first bounce, the Bulldogs, with virile, enthusiastic all-round competence, took complete charge and never once looked like losing their grip,” a story on the front page said.

“They thrilled supporters.”

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The paper also paid tribute to captain-coach Charlie Sutton. Reporter NIP wrote that Sutton had worked hard and constantly on the players to mould them into a united force.

“Sutton, in every way, has developed into a top-class coach,” he wrote.

“He is also a fine player, ideal as a leader because of his self-sacrificing way of going into play.

“It is gratifying that he was able to lead his team into their auspicious win on Saturday.”

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NIP reported that during his pre-match address to the team, Sutton reminded the players that all of Footscray was waiting for the Bulldogs to secure their first premiership.

Amongst the coverage was a list of 31 grand final highlights, covering everything from the fans’ celebrations after the final siren to the more than 200 telegrams received by the club, players, trainers and officials in the days before the game.