Laila, aged eight, is sad that Taleeho Riding School in Wyndham Vale is closing down. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

There will be many tears shed when the Taleeho Riding School in Wyndham Vale closes.

The popular riding school will shut down at the weekend after a developer bought the land where it is based.

Sue Cradock and her daughter established the school nine years ago, renting fields and an old farmhouse located near Ballan Road.

Mrs Cradock said she had decided to shut up shop for good because of the development occurring in Wyndham.

Some of the students and staff at Taleeho Riding School. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

She said that even if she opened up elsewhere, the land would most likely end up being sold for development.

“There is no land for me, so I had to sell all the horses off,” she said.

“I’m glad they’ve all got good new homes. It’s going to be sad to say goodbye.”

Mrs Cradock said she loved watching children learn to ride and develop their equestrian talents.

She said many of the young students based at the school had been “shattered” by the news of its closure, and that some would have to travel to Melton or Lara to continue their riding lessons.


Laila with Sue Cradock. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

Several horse owners who agist their mounts at the property are also looking for new homes for their animals, including one girl who owns eight horses.

Mrs Cradock said she wanted to thank the “good people” who had helped her at the riding school during the past nine years.

Taleeho will host a clearance sale on Saturday, October 27, to sell its equipment.

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