The speed limit along Synnot Street, Werribee could be lowered to 40 kilometres per hour and some parking bays removed, as part of a plan to boost road safety.

Wyndham council last week considered a report into issues related to traffic growth and transport in and around Werribee’s city centre.

The report, requested by mayor Mia Shaw in March, stated that council officers would work with the Department of Transport on multiple issues, including potentially reducing the speed limit on Synnot Street and some streets in the Riverside Industrial Precinct.

It also identified “poor sight lines” at a number of driveway exits along Synnot Street.

“While there was no discernible crash trend on Synnot Street, there is a history of crashes … associated with pedestrians and vehicles emerging from driveways,” the document stated.

“While it is noted that there are current concerns around parking provision in the City Centre, a balanced approach is required to ensure safety for those entering and exiting driveways and for pedestrians passing by.

“This may result in the removal of some parking to ensure safety.”

The report also recommended the council install pedestrian crossings along Synnot Street, including “puffin crossings” at Duncans Road and Bridge Street intersections, to ensure pedestrians have adequate time to cross the road.

The report noted that residents and businesses affected by any changes would be notified “well in advance” of any proposed actions going ahead.

Cr Shaw said that it would not be up to the council to decide the “appropriate speed limit” in these streets.

“I think we should actually leave that to the experts,” she said.