A new facility to learn, read and meet has been officially opened at the Sydenham library.

Brimbank mayor Lucinda Congreve and Member for Sydenham Natalie Hutchins were on hand to open the library’s new $30,000 programs room last week, which will act as a multi-purpose space.

Cr Congreve said it was a fitting upgrade given the role libraries play in the community.

“Ten per cent of Brimbank’s population use a library weekly,” she said.

“Our libraries foster a culture of reading and learning throughout life and contribute to improving educational, social and health outcomes to our community.”

She said Brimbank’s libraries offer a range of services to a large number of people.

“The public library you walk into today is very different to the library you would’ve walked into 10 years ago,” she said.

“We have computer and study facilities, innovative programing and we’re open very long hours.

“Our online services are also gaining popularity … 65,000 people visit our online library every month.”

She said the new programs room would complement the Sydenham libraries offerings.

“The upgrade of this space provides the library with an enclosed room for quiet studying and it also has the ability to double as a programs space.”

Ms Hutchins echoed Cr Congreve’s sentiments.

“For many who visit this library regularly, you’ll see there are a lot of university and high school students that need a space to study and when they’re not at the computers, they’re looking for a quiet space,” said Ms Hutchins.

“This is what this area is going to provide.”