Play equipment donated by Melton West Primary School will be reused by children in Sri Lanka.

The school was recently redeveloped and donated its used equipment to a Flemington Rotary project that helps underprivileged children overseas.

The school’s community engagement officer Tolley Cacavas said three playgrounds at the school had to be dismantled to make way for construction.

“The new playgrounds look fantastic and are a big hit with all our students on day one of the 2019 school year,” Mr Cacavas said.

“The students from junior school council were consulted and given a strong voice in choosing equipment design, colour and layout for three new playgrounds.

“Members of the junior council worked collaboratively with the assistant principal …and the students suggested that it would be a good idea for the [old] play equipment to be reused by other children.

“The equipment is now on its way to be reconstructed to provide enjoyment for disadvantaged children in … Sri Lanka.”