Swinburne University students have created a series of designs to revitalise the run-down Broadmeadows train station.

Masters students from the University’s School of Architecture partnered with Hume council to develop designs for the station, which has not been revamped since it opened in the 1990s.

Hume council has been lobbying the state government to redevelop the station for a number of years, labelling the current station a disgrace.

Swinburne University urban design director, Dr Ian Woodcock, said the students reimagined the entire station precinct.

“Each student carefully considered what a redeveloped Broadmeadows train station could look like, along with how a complete redevelopment could provide a far better experience for the community,” he said.

“While each design is different, each provides possible options to reconnect the western and eastern side of the Broadmeadows precinct to create a seamless train and bus interchange, plus encourage improved pedestrian and cycling routes through the precinct.”

Masters student Maria Sanjna said her design aimed to transform the station precinct into a transit hub.

“Being so close to Melbourne Airport it was important to consider that business people and tourists would be coming into the area, so the station precinct design needed to eliminate any barriers and focus on the importance of public transportation and pedestrian access,” she said.

Hume mayor Carly Moore said the students’ designs resolved the accessibility and amenity challenges of the station.

“Their ideas transformed a dark, confusing, uninviting transport interchange into a bright and welcoming place that has the potential to reinvigorate the surrounding area,” she said.

“Council has been advocating for the Broadmeadows train station redevelopment for many years. The local community deserves better than the ad-hoc investment and works we have seen in recent years.”