There’s an old adage – it’s a jungle out there.But for students at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College it’s a jungle in the classroom.

The school’s sustainability team had 30 indoor plants delivered to the school, all in the name of science.

Year 10 student Christine, a member of the sustainability team, said the plants were placed in one of the science labs and experiments are being conducted to assess oxygen levels, health and wellbeing, and productivity levels of students in the plant room, versus a controlled room.

“Plants in classrooms show us that we can be sustainable, but they also increase oxygen levels, which we think will have a positive impact on the learning environment,” Christine said.

The sustainability team used the experiment to highlight World Environment Day and edcuate the school community about sustainability and composting.

Team member Jessica said they’re also hoping to catch the attention of the federal government and have started a peitition calling for action on climate change.

“We wanted to show that we care about climate change, so we had the petition going, which will go off to Canberra,” she said.

“We wanted to make a difference in the school, but then we realised there’s problems across the world.”