Brad Radclyffe has been a member of the Sunbury community for 35 years. In August, he was recognised as Hume council’s Resident of the Month for founding the annual Kruze 4 Kids fundraiser. He chats with Serena Seyfort.

What’s your connection to Sunbury?

It’s my good, old hometown. My family moved to Sunbury when I was seven years old, back in 1983. I’ve been here ever since. My seven-year-old daughter now goes to school in Sunbury.


Tell us about your Sunbury fundraiser.

I organise the big car show that we have on Good Friday up at the soccer club – Kruze 4 Kids. I founded it back in 2010 and we kicked it off in 2011.

I spent a lot of time in Royal Children’s Hospital when I was growing up, so I always wanted to do something for the Good Friday Appeal. Being passionate about cars – I used to race out at Calder Park – I decided to put my two passions together, and that’s how the event came about. I organise it with my family. We’ve raised over $50,000 for the appeal in the seven years.

Kruze 4 Kids will be on March 30 next year. We have absolutely every type of car at the event. We have race cars, we have new, we have classic, we have vintage, we have sports. You name it – we have it. We also have bikes as well, and it’s a bit of a family day. We have stalls, kids entertainment, amusements, live music.


What do you like about Sunbury?

I love pretty much all of it. We have a really good atmosphere compared to other towns. It’s a close-knit town – most people know most people.

The schools are great and we’ve got easy access to public transport. I love our parks and our walking trails. It’s a beautiful town.

Apart from the fact that I have grown up here, I really love the idea of having the city on one side of us and Macedon Ranges on the other. We’ve got the absolute best of both worlds.


Do you have a favourite local spot?

I’d have to say the Sunbury United Sporting Club. We have our family dinners up there on a Friday night and they also sponsor our event. That’s my favourite place to socialise.


If you could change anything about the area, what would it be?

Parking! There’s no carparking. The town’s getting too big. The logistics of the town don’t work for the population that we’ve got. There’s nothing else I would change – I love it as it is.


Where would you take visitors to the area?

I enjoy the tracks in Sunbury and I like the Nook and Emu Bottom. And we have some good wineries in the area.

We’ve also got a lot of nice restaurants in Sunbury, particularly the outdoor restaurants on O’Shanassy Street.