Students from Taylors Lakes Secondary College are helping to brighten up the Brimbank Bicycle Education Centre.

As part of a partnership between the centre and the school, students have been slowly painting a 20 metre long mural depicting bicycle safety and good road use at the centre.

Centre president David Bennett said it was always great to see the students contributing to the running and upkeep of the centre.

“We have a fantastic partnership with Taylors Lakes Secondary College,” Mr Bennett said.

“We have students that help with our programs, and helping around the centre, and this is the latest initiative that we’re doing to help some of their VCAL students.

“The kids really enjoy it down there, so it’s great for both parties.”

The mural is being funded by Brimbank council, and the students have been working with a council artist for several weeks to hone their techniques to ensure the finished piece looks its best.

“They’ve been practising with the paints and spray cans for a while, and helping in the design process to get something they all like,” Mr Bennett said.

“We have the 25th anniversary of the centre coming up, so it will be great to hopefully have this finished in time for that. It looks fantastic and really complements what we already have there.”