Maritime Safety Victoria is asking for feedback on a proposed rule change for the use of personal watercraft, such as jet skis, in Port Phillip Bay.

The proposed rule would prohibit “irregular riding” – such as wake and wave jumping, surfing, erratic changes of direction, weaving and freestyling such as sharp turns – in zones shared with swimmers and other water vessels.

The rule, if introduced, would require people with personal water craft to navigate in a direct line through shared zones.

Maritime Safety Victoria acting director Cameron Toy said the rule change was being proposed due to rising concerns about the safety of waterway users in shared zones.

“The safety of swimmers and other people in the water is being compromised by the way some PWCs (personal water crafts) are being operated,” Mr Toy said.

“In the six years to June, 2018, PWC registration grew by 55.6 per cent.

“This growth has coincided with increasingly crowded shared zones and an increase in community complaints.

“Our concern is for the safety of all waterway users and the proposed rule is intended to reduce the risk of death and serious injury by making PWC riding in shared zones more predictable.”

Mr Toy said existing rules contained speed and distance limits for personal watercraft users.

See to provide feedback on the proposed rule change.