Staff from Storage King stores across Brimbank, Wyndham and Melton are rolling up their sleeves for a good cause.

The company will donate staff across Caroline Springs, Truganina and Hoppers Crossing to man stalls for the RSL’s annual Poppy Appeal.

Truganina Storage King manager Priyal Dassanayaka said staff felt compelled to help after reading a

Star Weekly article calling for volunteers.

“We saw the article calling for volunteers and just knew it was our time to lend a hand,” he said.

“This is such a rapidly growing area with lots of people, but there’s not so many volunteers, which is a little sad.”

Staff will man stations as designated by RSL staff.

“We’re offering up a storage unit if needed and we’ll have staff wherever they need us.

“The manpower is there, it’s just up to the RSL to tell us how they want to use it.”

Finding volunteers to sell poppys has been a perennial problem for a number of RSLs, including Caroline Springs.

Mr Dassanayaka said the cause was deserving of support.

“This isn’t something we want to make too commercial,” he said. “It’s about getting out there, engaging with and helping out our local community.”

Volunteers at the Caroline Springs RSL told

Star Weekly that an additional six volunteers would make the world of difference.

While they had enough numbers to run the campaign, they were previously unable to man certain stations and risked volunteer burnout.