School’s officially in at Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School.

Principal Krystine Hocking said she was excited to open the new Sunbury school.

“It’s a great opportunity to be a foundation principal of a brand new school and we’ve been working very hard with the staff to really make sure that we offer our children great learning opportunities,” she said.

Ms Hocking said the school had 52 pupils.

“The school will be prep to year 6, [but] when we open it’ll only be prep to year 5,” she said.

“Our projected enrolment is 600 so at the moment I can take up to 240 children.”

Stage one of the school’s construction is complete after building started in June.

“I’ve got eight classrooms, with two shared learning areas plus a discovery room … but we know that Sunbury is a growing area and so I’ve already applied for funding for stage two,” Ms Hocking said.

The first-time principal previously worked at St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School in Fawkner.

She said she was looking forward to providing her students with the best possible education.

“I just really believe that our children deserve the best and I want them to be the best for the world,” Ms Hocking said.

“I want to give them opportunities that perhaps we didn’t have when we were at school.”

The school opened on Monday, February 4.