Along High Street in Epping stands a bluestone church that has been part of the community since 1869.

St John’s Anglican Church this week celebrates its 150th anniversary, with Reverend Rafaella Pilz saying the church continued to serve the community in many ways.

The original bluestone church is now used as a hall, with church services moved to a worship centre attached to the bluestone building 20 years ago – but Reverend Pilz said the building stood as a reminder of the heritage of the congregation and Epping community.

“In times past, the parish was mainly Anglo/Celtic,” she said. “We have got different cultural groups in recent years. There is a great mix of people who call St John’s home.”

The church community has created a commemorative recipe book to mark the milestone, featuring traditional recipes from around the world.

It also held a special service on Sunday, led by Melbourne Archbishop Phillip Freier. People were asked to attend the service in their national dress.

“We have a real blending of cultures. The hats and gloves are gone and we have all this colour,” Reverend Pilz said.

“We are a multicultural, all-ages church that acknowledges the love and care of a community for each other. I would like to think we will be here for another 150 years.”