Wyndham council has proposed allowing sports clubs to sublease their grounds to small business owners.

The draft upgrade of the council’s Sports Facility User Guide 2020 – 2025 suggests that primary tenants of a sporting reserve could apply to include one or more small business physical activity providers, such as a yoga studio or personal trainer, within their seasonal allocation.

The draft suggests it would “increase the breadth of activities available at a reserve to increase physical activity participation, forge stronger ties between community clubs and local small businesses and the networks they service and add an additional revenue/resourcing stream to improve the sustainability and viability of both groups”.

Wyndham’s sports development portfolio holder, Cr Peter Maynard, said this would provide an opportunity for clubs to become fitness hubs and grow their numbers.

“It is exciting to think that while supporters of the team may not be interested in actively participating in the particular sport, they will have a whole range of other sports or exercises offered by small business operators, such as yoga, athletics, or even personal training,” he said.

“This will get more people engaged in physical activity and offer these fitness start-ups the chance to access an established network of clients.”

The Sports Facility User Guide 2020 – 2025 is open for public consultation, see https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/sportsfacilityuserguide