A man who has slammed Wyndham council for failing its “duty of care” towards his elderly parents was escorted out of the council chambers during his protest.

Charlie Buttigieg says his parents were not informed before access to their property was blocked during concreting works last month.

He was escorted out of last week’s meeting by a security guard, after asking why his parents were not informed before the works started in front of their Hoppers Crossing property on August 25.

Mr Buttigieg was ushered out of the meeting, after he continued to talk while the council’s director of city operations Stephen Thorpe was answering questions about the issue.

Mr Buttigieg said his parents, who are aged in their 80s, only became aware of the concrete works when they heard trucks out the front of their house, about 8.30-9am on August 25.

Mr Buttigieg said he approached the site supervisor, who apologised and said a worker had been instructed to try and contact his parents “all day” on August 24 to let them know of the works, and that a letter had also been dropped off at the house.

But Mr Buttigieg said neither his parents or his sister, who was at the house, heard from a worker nor received a letter.

Mr Buttigieg said he was worried an ambulance would not have been able to access his parents’ property during the concreting works and the council had not acknowledged their “duty of care towards the community” especially “a frail, elderly couple”.

“I am extremely, extremely, extremely, disappointed with this council,” he said.

However, Mr Thorpe said the council had confirmed that a contractor had made “several attempts” to speak to the property owners and had also notified them by mail.

“It’s important to note that vehicle access was not restricted across the weekend – there was restricted access on the Saturday only and staff were always on site to ensure that in the event of an emergency vehicle needing to access the property, access could be provided,” he said,

“At no time was there unattended restricted access at the property, and when concern was expressed by the resident, access was provided.”