Wyndham’s oldest softball club is evolving and hopes to attract fresh talent.

This season marks 40 years since the club was formed, originally as Epsom Street Softball Club, then renamed Altona Softball Club a few years later.

Treasurer Jodie Cowland said the club would take on a new moniker this year, the Hawks Fastpitch Softball Club, as a reflection of its current members.

“We are rebranding now in order to be more inclusive of the area we now represent – Wyndham,” Ms Cowland said.

“We play at President’s Park in the Werribee Softball Association … At the peak times of the club we had four or five junior teams, three women’s and two men’s teams.”

She said membership was waning across the sport and the club wanted to be proactive in bringing in new players.

“There is a team for everyone at all levels ranging from under 13s through to Masters,” Ms Cowland said.

“We are a proud family club where both children and parents are competing.

“Compared to other sports, softball is an affordable game to participate, making it easier for whole families to get involved.”

The season starts in October and runs through to the end of March.

Details: www.altona.softball.org.au