Killara Primary School Sunbury pupils are slithering their way to the school’s newest addition – the Lizard Lounge.

The Lizard Lounge and its 10 Cunningham’s skinks are inspiring the pupils to scale great heights of creativity and learning.

Killara teacher Kelli Brogan said the Lizard Lounge, funded through a Landcare Grant to assist with school environmental projects, was a dream come true.

“Cunningham’s skinks are quite easy to look after,” she said. “They are native to this area, so we thought let’s get something the kids can learn about in their own backyard.”

Since the arrival of the lizards earlier this year, the students have been creating art pieces and “David Attenborough-type documentaries”.

“The preps have created time-lapse videos, the grade 1 and 2 students have learnt to create art and paintings of the lizards and grades 3 to 6 have created documentaries,” Ms Brogan said.

“They’ve done the music, the story, voiceovers – the entire documentary. They’re about three to five minutes long.”

Ms Brogan said the projects were great opportunities for the students to learn about the reptiles.

“They’ve been really engaged and it’s been a purposeful thing for them to do, with not only the technology side but the sustainability side of things and biodiversity,” she said.

The students’ work will be showcased at an expo on Friday, May 10, at the school, 61 Phillip Drive, between 2.30-4.30pm.