The transition to a new school will be extra exciting for Emily and Grace.

Emily, 11, and Grace, seven, this week will be among the first pupils at Burnside Primary School and both will be in a year 3-6 composite class while enrolment levels build.

Dad Glynn Lavender said his daughters were very happy about getting back into the classroom.

“They’re excited for the new start and, after seven weeks at home, they are more than ready to go back to school,”
Mr Lavender said.

He said he was interested to see how the girls handled being in the same class.

“If it works well, then it will be a great opportunity for them to experience school together,” he said.

School principal Davide Lombardi said the sisters’ teacher would vary the work of the composite class.

“It is not uncommon for teachers to differentiate their teaching methods to meet the varying needs of each child in one class,” he said.

“I believe that when teachers are provided with professional learning and dialogue, and are continually asked to reflect on their current practice, they will develop their capacity as educators.”

The school is set to accommodate up to 475 pupils this year.