A funeral may be the last place you’d expect a love story to be set, but How I Met My Dead Husband isn’t your typical love story.

Billed as a cabaret funeral, the performance features musical numbers in Mandarin, English and French.

Lansy Feng wrote the play and is the solo performer. She said it’s been a surreal experience.

“It’s definitely been a challenge performing a one-woman show, especially one like this where it’s a roller coaster of emotions,” she said.

“I remember doing the first rehearsal and there was lots of crying and laughing. Performing is so much different than writing, I really got a sense of what my character was feeling and all the things she’s had to overcome.”

Ms Feng said audiences can expect a roller coaster of emotions, but the main message is clear.

“The purpose of the story is to send out a message of love.

“We see this woman chasing for love, trying to find what love really is through heaven and hell in each life, and ignoring her family and friends. And then she comes to realise that love is more than what she thought it was.

“Love is loving yourself, love is cherishing your family and friends who love you.”

The play is showing at the Bowery Theatre.

Details: www.witinc.com.au/shows/dead-husband