Drivers who use service lanes as a shortcut on busy roads and then “push” their way back into traffic make Wyndham motorists fume.

Several Wyndham residents condemned motorists who engage in such behaviour after Star Weekly last week posted on Facebook that such driving tactics were happening on Sayers Road, near the Derrimut Road roundabout.

Amar wrote that it “happens all the time, every single day” in Wyndham.

“People are too nice … absolutely pathetic and appalling behaviour,” he said. “They should not be allowed to merge in at all.”

Pauline wrote: “Every service road around Wyndham gets used like that. And then they EXPECT you to let them in!! So frustrating.”

Under Victorian law, it is not illegal for drivers to drive along a service lane and re-enter a road if they are complying with the road rules. But drivers are not meant to use service roads unless they need to access a property.

VicRoads road user and vehicle access director Roger Chao said: “Service roads are intended for local access only, so we urge drivers not to use these lanes to try to get ahead of traffic.”

A number of Wyndham drivers said the service lane shortcut was not restricted to Sayers and Derrimut Road and that it was happening in many locations across the municipality.

Beverley said “hundreds” of cars engaged in this behaviour along Leakes Road, from Derrimut Road to Palmers Road.

Palmers Road northbound approaching Dohertys Road, Old Geelong Road, Greens Road, McGraths Road and Point Cook Road were named as other hotspots for the ‘shortcuts’.