A group of Tarneit residents has called for a shopping centre access point leading onto a residential street to be closed off.

At Wyndham council’s August meeting, a petition signed by 13 people was tabled asking the council to close off the access point to Wyndham Village shopping centre via Rosewood Place for the safety of residents in the estate.

The petition claims the access point, near the loading bays of the shopping centre and backing onto Rosewood Place and neighbouring streets, is the cause of a range of “unacceptable” issues.

The petition claims that youths are congregating at the back of the shopping centre smoking cigarettes, doing drugs and drinking alcohol.

The residents are also concerned that gangs and opportunistic thieves are using the access point to enter their property and steal cars, break into homes and graffiti the adjoining electrical station.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said while the access point was convenient for nearby residents who wanted to pop into the shopping centre, it should not come at the cost of feeling safe.

“The three power plants stationed on the corner of Rosewood Place as you enter the shopping complex provide a haven for young kids to sit around and they usually leave their rubbish behind,” the resident said.

“Also a lot of shopping trolleys are left between Rosewood Place and the power plants; it gives the whole scene a bad look.

“I would rather walk the extra mile than have the street rubbished.

“The residents near Rosewood Place should have the right to feel safe and not have their street filled with trash and trolleys.”

Ray Salama, a spokesman for the Wyndham Village shopping centre, said he suggested the access point be closed off a year ago when noise complaints started arising.

The council will now investigate the matter and table a report at an upcoming council meeting.