Pupils at Meadowglen Primary School are letting their senses guide them through two new play spaces at the school.

The Epping school recently joined forces with sensory spaces provider William Ready to create two interactive play spaces.

The spaces – a music maker wall and a creative corner – encourage children to use all seven senses, and promote inclusion, imagination and play.

Principal Loretta Piazza said the play spaces benefit pupils with additional needs, as well as providing a space for all pupils to play together.

“Our kids are enjoying exploring these new, engaging spaces. We have more than 500 students at our school who are all diverse in both their strengths and challenges,” she said.

“These amazing sensory spaces provide an opportunity for all students to learn how to self-regulate based on their unique needs.

“Sensory play is crucial to brain development. By giving students different ways to actively engage their senses, they can explore and try to make sense of the world around them. It’s heart-warming to see our students enjoy something different.”