Grandparents will be able to enjoy the outdoors with their grandchildren a little more following the opening of a seniors’ exercise park next to a children’s playground in Thomastown.

The Barry Road exercise park is the first of its kind in Whittlesea and features a balance beam, core twister and hip spring.

Mayor Kris Pavlidis said that while exercise parks were a relatively new concept for Australia, they were popular in Europe and the United States.

“We’re pleased to build our first in the city of Whittlesea. With the rapidly ageing population in the city of Whittlesea, it is important that there is outdoor leisure activity for the wellbeing of our senior citizens,” she said.

The National Ageing Research Institute, in conjunction with Whittlesea council, will evaluate the effects of activity on mental and physical health of residents who use the equipment.

The institute will recruit older residents to take part in the trial. An open day will be held in August to provide more information about the trial.

To register your interest, phone 9407 5913.