“Seaholme’s Chevy Chase”, Joe Cachia has been busy since October decorating his house for Christmas.

On December 1, his grandchildren helped him turn on the lights outside his James Avenue home.

“I started doing it for my kids,” said Mr Cachia, who moved to the area in 1956.

“Then they got married, of course, and they’ve got their own kids.

“Plus, the people in the area love it – they look forward to it actually. The kids just get a real kick out of it.”

He switches the lights and music on about 8pm each night until early January. Last Christmas season, up to 1000 people passed by his home.

Mr Cachia said he loved to bring joy to others at Christmas.

“Christmas is a time where we all get together and make the most of it, because you just don’t know these days what happens.

“But Christmas is time for getting the family together and regrouping.”

A Facebook page, “Christmas Lights Displays 2015 Western Suburbs Group”, has been set up for people to share details about decorated homes around Hobsons Bay.