Young Wyndham Vale resident Sabrin Nyawela is using sport to engage with the community in both a personal and professional capacity.

Ms Nyawela, 20, plays in division one for the VU Western Spurs in Footscray and works at Golf Australia (GA) as a participation officer for inclusion.

Ms Nyawela said she enjoyed forming “meaningful connections with the team at GA and the wider community”.

“We are aware that several people from migrant and multicultural backgrounds play golf, or at the very least have an appetite for golf, but just don’t know how to get involved,” she said.

“What we’re trying to do now as an organisation is show people how accessible golf really is, and that it is a sport for all.”

Ms Nyawela came to Australia with her family at the age of five after they fled the war in South Sudan. She became involved in football after her brother started playing.

“I love playing footy for the Spurs, I played my 50th game with them the other week,” Ms Nyawela said.

“We’re four rounds in and have won every game, all due to the fact that we’re a close team and constantly working to build each other up.”

Ms Nyawel said for the past two to three years she has also coached in the AFL Victoria’s All Nations program.

“The program aims to empower young girls aged 12 to 15 to not only develop their footy skills but also some personal development they can apply to their community, culture, school, etc and create lifelong friendships,” she said.