Wyndham council has been forced to clean up rubbish at more than 300 blocks across the municipality since October last year.

Wyndham’s environment and sustainability portfolio holder Cr Heather Marcus said if property owners did not comply with a written request from the council to clean up rubbish on their blocks, the council was often forced to step in and clear the rubbish.

Cr Marcus said the council would then invoice the property’s owner for the costs involved in the clean-up.

“Council has cleaned up rubbish at more than 300 blocks this year, costing property owners anywhere between $165 to $4000 per block,” Cr Marcus said.

“No one enjoys living next to a property where rubbish and building materials are dumped, so council is asking owners to consider their neighbours and clean up their blocks.

“Council expects property owners to ensure blocks are kept neat and tidy throughout the year.”

Cr Marcus said property owners could even save themselves money if they kept blocks mowed and maintained.

“The cost is ultimately paid by the owner of the block and could be more than they expected to pay for the clean-up,” she said.

“Together we can ensure we keep Wyndham looking neat, tidy and beautiful.”

Cr Marcus said the council was happy to work with land owners, to help them comply with Community Amenity Local Laws.