Beefcake the French bulldog isn’t a fussy eater.

The four-year old dog from Keilor Downs underwent emergency life-saving surgery at Lort Smith Animal Hospital last week where vets removed four rubber ducks from his stomach and intestine.

Beefcake’s owner, Tabatha took him to the hospital after he had been vomiting and refusing to eat for two days.

Vets took X-ray images which revealed three rubber ducks in his stomach and one in his intestine.

It’s unclear when Beefcake ingested the ducks.

“The rubber ducks that Beefcake ate were severely discoloured and are smaller than unconsumed rubber ducks, suggesting they had been consumed some time ago,” said Lort Smith vet Dr Paula.

“Beefcake is lucky he came to us in time. If he had been left in this state much longer the damage could have been more severe.”

Tabatha said Beefcake has an acquired taste for the ducks.

“Beefcake loves the squeaking sound of the rubber ducks,” Tabatha said.

“When we first moved into our house a friend hid hundreds around the house as a surprise.”

Beefcake spent two days recovering at the hospital and is now back at home with his friend Pepper the black pug.

Dr Paula said Beefcake’s story was a timely reminder heading into Christmas.

“Dogs love chew toys. It is important to ensure your dog has access to toys that are big enough not to swallow, made of safe material, are durable, and have no small parts.”

Tabatha has since removed every duck from her home, just in case Beefcake gets hungry again.