A Geelong house has been raided in relation to an alleged pet-selling racket with links to Hobsons Bay.

Star Weekly reported in October that scammers were obtaining animals by deception and selling domestic cats as special breeds, with many of the cats infected with the deadly parvovirus.

Western Suburbs Cat and Kitten Rescue founder Nathan Miles said the suspected ringleader was selling cats from several premises, including one in Newport. Mr Miles became aware of the scam after a carer spotted a cat his group had adopted out being listed for sale online.

After issuing a scam alert on Facebook, he was inundated with victims coming forward, many of whom had bought cats that subsequently required veterinary treatment or had to be euthanised.

RSPCA major investigations head Lisa Calleja said inspectors attended a Geelong property with Victoria Police and Geelong council officers on November 29.

“There were 32 animals that were assessed on the property, including four dogs, two cats and 26 kittens,” she said.

“Notices to comply were issued by RSPCA Victoria in relation to the living conditions of the animals, the provision of water and animal health. This is an ongoing investigation and RSPCA Victoria inspectors will continue to follow up on compliance.”