As far as New Year’s resolutions go, Hanna Tran aimed high.

The Laverton woman, who has been crowned Royal International Ms Australia, will head to Florida in July to vie for the world title in her division.

“It started off as a New Year’s resolution at the start of last year,” the 25-year-old said.

“I thought about jumping off a plane, scuba diving, swimming with the sharks at the aquarium – but I came to choose competing in an Australian national beauty pageant.”

Ms Tran said she hoped to use her platform to found a charity.

“I love doing charitable work,” she said.

“I grew up with a family that instilled those values in me.

“Coming from a Vietnamese and Chinese background, I’m coming from a country with a background that’s quite poor.

“I’ve really got my eyes on starting my own charity to raise money for homeless people in Vietnam, and also to curb hunger as well.

“I’m very lucky to have grown up here.”

Wherever her reign takes her, Ms Tran said part of her heart belonged to Laverton.

“I’ve lived in the same house in Laverton my whole life,” she said.

“I grew up very close to my neighbours from different walks of life and different cultural backgrounds, and as a result I’ve made a lot of friends, learned a lot of different things from them.

“I feel the sense of belonging in Laverton because there’s a lot of acceptance of cultural diversity – I’m really big on that.”

Hanna Tran Photo: Damjan Janevski