Two Wyndham schools will each receive a new double-storey relocatable building next year thanks to the state government.

Tarneit MP Sarah Connolly last week announced that Tarneit Rise Primary School and Truganina P-9 College would both receive a double storey relocatable, valued about $970,000 each, before the start of term one, 2020.

Ms Connolly said the architect-designed buildings include four classrooms with double glazed windows and external shades, along with wall and ceiling acoustic treatments to improve classroom sound clarity.

The buildings will be manufactured off-site and assembled at the schools.

“New buildings for Tarneit Rise and Truganina P-9 will give local students access to great local classrooms and schools facilities, because you can’t deliver a first-rate education in second-rate classrooms,” Ms Connolly said.

As of next year, the state government will implement a policy requiring all primary and secondary students at public schools to turn off, and securely store, their mobile phones during school hours with the exception of pupils who use mobiles to monitor health conditions or where teachers instruct students to bring their phones for a classroom activity.

Ms Connolly said that ahead of the mobile ban, the government had set aside $12.4 million for schools to apply for grants to buy new resources, such as lockers, secure storage cupboards and padlocks.

She encouraged schools in Wyndham to apply for a grant.