Seventy-eight Wyndham residents, including Hoppers Crossing man Ron Carr, have been recognised as milestone blood donors – aka bloody legends.

Mr Carr has made more than 325 blood donations to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, since he first started donating blood during the 1960s.

He regularly makes donations at the Werribee Donor Centre in Bridge Street.

“I feel as good as gold after giving blood and I would say to anyone that has considered donating blood, just do it,” Mr Carr said.

“It is such a good thing to do for the community.”

Last week, during National Blood Donor Week, Mr Carr and 77 other milestone donors – people who have donated blood 50 times or more – from Wyndham were recognised at a special ceremony.

Collectively, the blood from the 78 Wyndham donors has helped to save the lives of almost 30,000 Australians.

Blood Service spokeswoman Stephanie Reynolds thanked all of Wyndham’s blood donors.

“In the Wyndham region, 4405 donors gave 12,804 blood donations in the past 12 months, which is an outstanding effort,” she said.

Ms Reynolds said although these figures were impressive, donated blood only lasted 42 days, meaning new donations were always needed.

“It takes just an hour of your time to donate blood and become a bloody legend, and every donation helps save three lives,” she said.

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