Wyndham roads claimed 10 lives last year – double the toll of the year before.

Transport Accident Commission (TAC) figures show eight men and two women were killed in road collisions during 2016.

Four drivers, three motorcyclists, two pedestrians and one passenger were among the fatalities.

Despite the high number of fatalities, there was a 25.6 per cent reduction in serious injury collisions, with 96 recorded in 2016.

Westgate Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant Ely Reynolds said speed and driver distraction were the main causes of road accidents in Wyndham.

“In my experience, there can be very little between a collision without injuries and one that is fatal,” he said.

“Distraction in our busy lives is now one of the most common causes of road trauma.

“A lapse in judgement, fatigue or travelling at inappropriate speeds can change your life – and the lives of those around you – forever.

“Please help us reduce road trauma by being responsible on our roads, turn off your mobile, put your seatbelt on and be attentive while driving,” Senior Sergeant Reynolds said.

He said highway patrols would be teaming up with the TAC to target drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs in the upcoming Operation Speakeasy.