The Ugandan flag took pride of place at Werribee Open Range Zoo as volunteers celebrated World Rhino Day last week.

The zoo’s seven Southern white rhinos enjoyed treats and treasures, including hay, pellets and interesting smells, like dung spread around, as part of an enrichment program designed to encourage the animals to fossick and forage as they would in the wild.

Rhino keeper Lauren Irving said World Rhino Day was particularly special for 10-year-old Kifaru – his first at Werribee Zoo after arriving from Halls Gap Zoo last month.

“Kifaru has settled in really well,” Ms Irving said.

“We are delighted to have him here in time for World Rhino Day and watch him enjoy his enrichment.

“It’s a really important day to raise awareness for rhinos doing it tough in the wild.”

Ms Irving said it was the third year of Zoos Victoria’s international conservation partnership with Rhino Fund Uganda, an organisation fighting for rhinos on the frontline.

There are less than 19,000 Southern white rhinos in the wild.

Meanwhile, Werribee Open Range Zoo’s Sunset Safari is back this summer, with proceeds going towards supporting rhino conservation and Rhino Fund Uganda.

Sunset Safari is an exclusive, after-hours event that allows visitors to get up close with rhinos.