A small group of residents is calling for Wyndham council to reinstate well known snake catcher Stewart Gatt following termination of his contract.
Council canned Mr Gatt’s contract in recent weeks for a number of breaches including incorrect reporting of call-outs and what he said were “clerical errors” he made on invoices.
Mr Gatt has for the past four years been one of a handful of snake catchers contracted by the council to provide a free service for residents.
Lead campaigner Jeanette Roberts launched an online petition last week which has attracted about 100 signatures in support of Mr Gatt.
“Stewy has worked tirelessly to keep us, our pets, and our local public events safe here in Wyndham Vale,” Ms Roberts said.
Mr Gatt said he was catching about 500 snakes a year across Wyndham.
“This is unfortunate because there aren’t that many snake catchers in Wyndham … there are a lot of novices who haven’t got the experience that I do.
“Up until the day my contract was terminated, I was working really hard to offer new ideas to the council to improve the free snake catching service in Wyndham.
“I am still able to operate my business in Wyndham but call out will now cost $100.”
Wyndham council uses one contractor that employs at least three snake catchers to service the area.
Mr Gatt still provides snake catching services for various councils across the west and north.
Wyndham city amenity and safety manager Richard Maugueret said the termination of Mr Gatt’s contract would not limit or impact the delivery of the service to the community.
To access the free council service, residents should call 9742 0777.
The petition: causes.com/posts/7752974