Seven new drug rehabilitation beds will be opened next year at the Wyndham Clinic in Werribee.

Werribee MP Tim Pallas announced on Monday that the state government would fund the beds as part of a $56 million plan to install 100 new beds at Victorian drug rehabilitation centres.

The Wyndham Clinic, which has 50 private beds, is part of the Wyndham Private Hospital complex in Hoppers Lane.

Mr Pallas said the seven additional beds – which will be the first publicly-funded drug rehab beds at the clinic – would be opened by March next year.

He said that as well as providing urgent treatment support, the beds would relieve the pressure on existing services.

“This expansion means more people in the Werribee electorate can get access to the treatment they need faster – helping to bring lasting change to their lives,” he said.

As part of its Drug Rehabilitation Plan, the government will also invest a further $15 million in helping to crackdown on “dodgy” private rehabilitation providers and to establish an advisory service for people needing to urgently locate a drug and alcohol rehabilitation bed.

For assistance contact, DirectLine on 1800 888 236. Families of people with drug and alcohol issues can contact the Self Help Addiction Resource Centre on 1300 660 068.