Werribee teenager Rebecca Johnny is well on her way to a high-flying career as a flight attendant.

Ms Johnny, 19, arrived in Australia as a young child with her family – who are from the Karen ethnic group – as refugees from Myanmar.

Ms Johnny said that she was about nine years old when she decided that she wanted to become a flight attendant, after seeing “beautiful” flight attendants in films.

“As I get to know more about flight attendants and have more knowledge, the thing that inspired me is the way they care for passengers and their hard work in trying to make passengers feel comfortable,” she said.

Ms Johnny is now studying a Certificate III in Aviation at the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne.

“The thing I enjoyed most about this course was meeting new friends and new teachers,” she said.

“I also like that I’m learning new things, so I get different challenges every day.”

Along with her fellow students, Ms Johnny recently spent a week in New Zealand for training at facilities used by major airlines.

“My ultimate career ambition is to become a cabin manager,” she said. “I would be the first person to become a flight attendant in my family.”