Two thugs, who have been described as “morons”, last week caused damage to buildings, marine vessels and cars in the Seaworks Maritime Precinct at Williamstown.

The site has Williamstown police station and the state’s water police on one side, while on the other lies BAE Systems, a multinational defence and security company.

Wendy Pelns, manager of the Pirates Tavern – the waterside clubhouse of the Williamstown Maritime Association – said two males were caught on multiple security cameras early Wednesday morning.

“They had broken into the Ann Street Pier and broken into a number of boats on the pier,” she said.

“They did a fair bit of damage on the boats. Then they proceeded to enter into the Seaworks site – they cut a side lock.

“They tried to get into Doug’s shed [Doug Tannahill from Seaport Sails], which is next to the Pirates Tavern, and couldn’t get in.

“They then sussed out the Pirates Tavern, walked … down the side way, smashed a window.”

She said, once inside, the pair wheeled in four wheelie bins.

“They were going over the bar and under the bar … we’ve got it on camera,” Ms Pelns said.

She said the pair – who she described as morons – left with nothing when the alarm was activated.

Korevaar Marine Group, which had some vessels broken into, declined to comment.

Seaworks chief executive Glenn Jones said the entire precinct was covered by security.

“The whole thing was very odd,” he said.

“Considering that we’re so close to the police station, you just wonder what goes through their heads.”

Hobsons Bay crime investigation unit is investigating.