Men in Romsey could soon have a permanent place to gather.

As part of Men’s Shed Week last week, McEwen MP Rob Mitchell visited the Romsey Men’s Shed members to discuss plans for a new shed.

Mr Mitchell urged all government levels to support the development of the first Men’s Shed in Romsey.

“We want to see it up and running because we know it makes a huge difference to men’s lives,” he said.

“The message is pretty clear for the council, myself and the state government – work together and let’s try and get this going.”

Romsey Men’s Shed members have been on the hunt for a permanent base for more than a year and have been using the Romsey Scout Hall as their meeting place since June. The men have plans to build a shed next door to the hall.

Shed secretary Patrick Holt said a permanent site would hopefully attract more men to get involved.

“We’re working closely with the Scouts for the meeting side and then we’ll be looking at initially building a storage workshop shed next door,” he said.

“We need to get it done. As we grow and have actual physical facilities to show and share then we’ve got more interest. You’ve got groups like the Scouts … and all the other community groups who need support once in a while as well.

“It’s got a lot of positive energy.”