Terrified onlookers witnessed frightening scenes outside Macs Hotel earlier this month when 30 people were caught up in a brawl.

Inspector Ian Geddes said two men, a 27-year-old and a 22-year-old, were arrested and are expected to be charged on summons with assault.

He said about 10 people were involved in a fight which broke out inside the hotel about 5.30pm on November 13.

About 30 people then became involved in “smaller fights” as the fracas spilled outside.

Eight police units attended, including 16 officers. The fight lasted a couple of minutes inside the hotel and about 10 minutes outside.

A witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she feared for her life as people brawled inside the hotel.

She described the scenes as “chaotic”, and said staff told patrons not to go outside during the brawl.

“It was an all-in brawl,” she said. “I was hoping I didn’t get a bottle in my head or a chair thrown at me. I thought we could get really injured.

“There were families with children as well.”

The witness said she was angry there weren’t any security guards at the hotel to break up the fight and intervene.

Macs Hotel and parent company Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group were contacted.

ALH Group spokesman David Curry said the company would not be making any comments.