An Altona mother is warning others to be on alert after her 11-year-old son was followed home from school by a man in a white van.

Afrodita Isai said the incident happened after 3pm on Friday, January 31, but her son told her five days later and she reported the matter to Altona North police and Altona College.

Her son told her he left the school via the Medford Street exit and turned into Lindwood Avenue towards his nearby home.

A man driving what appeared to be an old white Ford Transit van drove alongside him in Lindwood Avenue and into Fenfield Street.

“He said the van just slowed right down to his walking pace,” Ms Isai said.

“He said, basically, when he stopped the van stopped.

“He said he actually ran backwards to try and trick him and … he reversed the van to follow him. Then he started running forwards and walking forwards again … [the driver] was more or less mimicking his moves.”

She said the driver appeared to be “spooked” when several other cars came along and “sped off quickly”.

Her son saw what may have been the same van on Wednesday after school and heard a child crying out, which is when he told his mother about both incidents

The driver was described as Caucasian, wearing reading glasses and in his 40s or 50s.

Detective Sergeant Robert Briz, of the Hobsons Bay Crime Investigation Unit, said police were investigating.

“I’d encourage parents to educate their kids with the appropriate course of action if they have any concerns,” he said.