Brimbank Highway Patrol officers made good on their promise to enlist the Police Airwing in a bid to crackdown on motorbike users.

During Operation Endo this month, every motorbike rider observed in the area was checked by police, including breath and drug tests.

Motorcyclists who attempted to evade interception were tracked by the airwing and then arrested by ground units.

Police said they were happy that a large number of riders were found to be doing the right thing, however there were still a number of riders issued with notices.

Brimbank Highway Patrol Sergeant Bill Joannidis said the operation had immediate impact.

“On the first day of this operation seven motorcycles were impounded for numerous offences, including driving while suspended and speeding 45km/h or more over the limit.”

Police impounded nine vehicles during the operation. Sergeant Joannidis said one of the worst offenders was a speeding rider.

“One rider evaded police from Ballarat Road and was followed by the airwing to an address in Taylors Hill where he was arrested and his bike seized,” he said.

“This male, in his 20s, was riding at over 200km/h along Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs while the airwing was following him.

“He was arrested and interviewed by Brimbank CIU for charges including conduct endangering persons.

“He was remanded in custody until March 21 to appear at Sunshine Magistrates Court.”

Sergeant Joannidis said motorbike riders can expect more of the same throughout the year.

“Motorcycle riders in Brimbank and throughout the state are over-represented in serious injury collisions and fatal collisions,” he said.

“Despite making up less than 1 per cent of motorists on the roads, they are involved in approximately 10 per cent of all serious injury collisions.

“This operation was considered a success and will continue to run with airwing support throughout the year on a regular basis.”