Westgate Highway Patrol has mapped out its game plan and will hit the west’s roads en masse over the
grand final long weekend to tackle the top five causes of fatalities and serious injuries.

Police from Westgate Highway Patrol, the uniform branch and state highway patrol will be out in force across our roads for Operation Scoreboard, which will run from this Thursday to Sunday in a bid to prevent road trauma.

Westgate Highway Patrol Sergeant Marty Wallace said police would focus on speeding drivers, driver distraction, seatbelt non-compliance, fatigue and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Last year, nearly 300 speeding, seatbelt and other offences were detected on Wyndham roads over the grand final long weekend, including 88 speeding drivers, 80 drivers and passengers were caught without their seatbelts, 40 unregistered cars, 23 drivers caught using their mobile phone while behind the wheel and 17 unlicensed drivers.

RoadSafe Westgate Community Road Safety Council chairman Jim Giddings wants drivers to use common sense when behind the wheel.

“Holiday driving has its challenges and drivers should drive in the hours they are normally awake, take regular breaks to reduce fatigue and allow extra space between vehicles,” he said.