A two-day Victoria Police operation has targeted high volume crime in Sunshine and St Albans.

Members from multiple units took to the street earlier this month as part of Operation Sweeper, to increase police presence across the two suburbs.

“The operation has been about reducing robberies and burglaries and general antisocial behaviour in the Sunshine and St Albans areas,” Detective Sergeant Pat Cantone said.

“We wanted to be seen during these two days and we’ve had a strong presence in the two areas.”

While the operation was designed to reduce crime, Detective Sergeant Cantone said it was also about building a rapport with members of the community.

“We’ve had uniform members, safer community members and the mounted
branch out on the streets,” he said. “Part of it is also trying to create a rapport with people so it’s easier for the next police member that deals with them.”

The operation was timed to coincide with the warmer weather and the start of daylight savings. Detective Sergeant Cantone conceded that the longer days and change in seasons often resulted in a rise in incidents.

“There’s more people out and about during the summer so things change a little bit,” he said. “People stay out later and obviously there’s alcohol involved when the warmer weather hits.”

As a result of the two-day operation, police made seven arrests, executed three search warrants, intercepted 55 vehicles, issued 15 penalty notices, and remanded two individuals in custody.