Police are investigating three incidents of animal cruelty in Mickleham and Greenvale in which kangaroos have been shot with arrows.

Police said that on May 25, a kangaroo torso was found with an arrow in it on a Mount Ridley Road property in Mickleham.

On June 1, a kangaroo and her joey were found dead just off Section Road, Greenvale. The roo had an arrow through her shoulder.

On June 2, a male kangaroo was found with an arrow in its rump on Providence Road, Greenvale. The kangaroo was still alive and is expected to make a full recovery.

Police believe the three incidents are linked.

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As reported by Star Weekly, wildlife rescuer Manfred Zabinskas has called for tougher penalties for animal cruelty after coming across two of the injured kangaroos.

“The biggest problem is  … there’s no justice. No one gets prosecuted, it’s just too easy,” he said. “We just need to keep reporting this stuff so that it gets heard.”

“This is an ongoing thing … someone’s out there shooting at kangaroos,” he said. “It appears that there may be other kangaroos …that have been attacked the same way.”

Anyone who sees a person in the area carrying weapons is urged to contact police on triple-0.