Motorcyclists in Brimbank can expect some extra attention this summer.

With the number of serious and fatal collisions involving motorcyclists spiking during the summer months, police have launched Operation Bikestrike.

Brimbank Highway Patrol Acting Sergeant Trent Hewet said the operation was a response to a troubling trend.

“Since September 2012 there have been 12 motorcyclist fatalities in the Brimbank patrol area, eight of these have occurred since July 2015,” he said.

“Motorcyclists are also over represented in serious injury collisions within Brimbank.”

Acting Sergeant Hewet said road users can expect a high police presence as more motorcyclists take to the roads as the weather gets warmer.

“We’ll be conducting both high visibility and covert patrols, including police motorcycles, to detect offences and ensure safety to all road users,” he said.

“Motorcyclists in particular will be targeted to ensure compliance with their licence categories as well as drink and drug driving.

“The aim is to enforce and stress the need for compliance, as well as ensuring thrill seekers do not take any unnecessary risks.”

Bikestrike follows a similar operation last summer.

“We conducted a similar operation which was a major success,” Acting Sergeant Hewet said. “Last year we had six fatalities involving vulnerable road users, this year we’ve only had two.”

However, he warned motorcyclists won’t be the only road users targeted.

“We’ll also be running a second operation concurrently, called Operation Summer,” Acting Sergeant Hewet said.

“This operation will target drink and drug driving over the summer period.

“Additional patrols will be conducted in times identified as high risk for drink/drug driving.”

While the operations were aimed at different offences, Acting Sergeant Hewet said they both share the same goal.

“These operations have one common agenda, the safety of all road users and ensure no family has to go through the pain of losing a loved one.”