Police detected 115 driving-related offences in Wyndham during a statewide operation during the Australia Day long weekend.

During Operation Amity, which ran from just after midnight on January 25 to just before midnight on January 28, police recorded 36 speeding drivers in Wyndham.

Officers also identified 20 unregistered vehicle offences, 17 seatbelt offences, eight unlicensed drivers, seven offences for disobeying road signs and signals, five mobile phone offences and four disqualified drivers.

In addition, police caught one drink driver and two drug drivers, and impounded four vehicles.

Eight cyclist offences were detected as well.

Across Victoria, police detected more than 6500 traffic offences during Operation Amity, including more than 2200 for speeding and 371 for drink and drug driving.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said it was disappointing to see so many road users engaged in risky behaviour.

“It’s astounding to see so many motorists exceeding the speed limit or driving after drinking or using drugs,” he said.

“We all have a part to play in reducing road trauma, whether that’s avoiding behaviours that increase risk, such as speeding or impairment, or speaking up when someone is putting themselves or others in danger.

“Road trauma isn’t just something that happens to other people.”