Point Cook Homestead is up to two years away from being reopened to the public, three years after its former tenants went into liquidation.

Parks Victoria will spruce up the homestead in an effort to secure a new long-term tenant for the site, with plans to decommission the septic tanks and establish a new sewer connection, install new toilets, improve airconditioning, tend to other electrical issues and carry out structural repairs on the buildings.

Despite initial plans to have the site up and running by the end of this year, it is expected to take another one to two years before the work is complete and the homestead is reopened.

A spokesman for Parks Victoria said that while the plans had remained the same, the timing has been extended to allow for a more stringent evaluation of work to be undertaken.

The spokesman said the work was expected to begin in early next year once all tenders had been awarded and heritage compliance needs met.

“Parks Victoria works to improve park access for all while ensuring park values are sustained,” he said.

“All maintenance and refurbishment needs have been identified on buildings and the grounds ensuring it meets Disability Discrimination Act Compliance requirement.

“A heritage consultant has been engaged to review, consolidate and prioritise all maintenance items.

“A contractor has been engaged for sewer connection works. However, the plumbing application in still being reviewed. If and when it is approved, works can commence in January 2019.

“With safety being one of our key priorities, a tree assessment is under way to determine any potential risks.”

The homestead has been closed to the public since July, 2015, when the tenants went into voluntary liquidation. The closure left in the lurch organisers of 19 weddings and other functions, including seven for which deposits had been paid.