Science fiction buffs are in for a treat thanks to Lancefield playwright Donna Prince.

Her latest work The Adam/Eve Protocol will hit the stage later this month at the Melbourne Fringe Festival at the Space Dance and Arts Centre.

Prince said she chose to address what she thought might happen after the fall of mankind and prompt the audience to think about the future.

“Science fiction provides us a way of examining possible futures, and if they are not ideal, to hopefully avoid them,” Prince said.

“The Adam/Eve Protocol examines one such possible outcome and makes us
question ourselves.”

The play is set after a nuclear war between North Korea and the United States in a futuristic space station orbiting the earth.

Prince’s work was the product of a 24-hour challenge earlier this year.

“The Adam/Eve Protocol was written as part of a Play in a Day festival, we had all night to write and then our work would be performed the very next night,” she said. “A whole play created in 24 hours, it was an absolute
adrenalin rush.”