Sunshine Hospital staff have worn pyjamas to work – in a bid to get patients to shed theirs.

The Western Health campaign is a 100-day challenge that is encouraging patients to ditch their pyjamas in favour of regular clothes, when suitable.

End PJ Paralysis campaign founder Brian Dolan said getting out of pyjamas had a proven positive impact on recovery.

“We know that keeping people in bed is harmful,” he said. “They have more harm events in terms of pressure sores and falls, they have a longer length of stay. So we’re actually killing them with kindness by keeping them there.

“We’re dealing with a problem that’s been hidden in plain sight – it’s always been there.

“If you are a relative or loved one, bring clothes in and encourage your family member to get dressed and go for a little walk each day – even meeting in the coffee shop, rather than by the bedside. With your help, and together, we can End PJ Paralysis.”

About 100 staff wore their pyjamas to help launch the campaign last week.

Professor Dolan said it was terrific to see the campaign so widely embraced.

“I’ve never seen so many people in their pyjamas at work – from the executive leadership onwards … going around talking to people, praising them and cheering them.

“It’s good for staff themselves to experience that feeling of vulnerability and awkwardness, but it’s also a bit of fun.”