To see little Piper walking around now you would never know the challenges she faced during her first weeks of life.

Andrina Anderson was 30 weeks pregnant in January 2018 when she felt the baby’s movement diminish, and decided with her husband Gary that it would be best to get it checked out.

Within hours of arriving at Sunshine Hospital she had given birth to Piper via cesarean.

“They found that Piper’s heart rate was going super high and then super low so said it was better to have her out than in,” Andrina said.

“They later said if they’d waited just a few more hours she may have died.

“Later that day she was transferred to Heidelberg Mercy Hospital for more tests and monitoring, which is where she was for about 42 days.”

Andrina said having a premature birth had its challenges for their family.

“I was stuck at Sunshine for a few days while Piper was in Heidelberg, so I felt a bit like a mother cat who’s kittens had been taken away.”

Andrina and Gary are taking part in the Walk For Prems on October 27, the annual fundraiser for the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting the families of babies born sick or prior to 37 weeks gestation.